Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Trusting other people with your children

It can be hard to let go of our children, particularly if we have come out of abusive or difficult relationships ourselves. Single parents can sometimes feel like no-one else can really be trusted with their children but most of the time there will be no problem. I am not saying that you do not have to be careful about who looks after your kids but I would encourage you to let other people get involved if possible.

1. Your kids get the benefit of a variety of good adult role-models, male and female. That old saying 'it takes a community to raise a child' is so true. The more positive people in your child's life the better!
2. They get to experience new environments and people, enabling them to think widely and be better prepared for independent life as they grow older.
3. They may learn new skills, new hobbies that you are unable to provide them access to logistically (let's face it, we cannot teach our kids everything on our own)
4. Children learn how to make healthy friendships and relationships by learning social skills in a variety of contexts
5. Allowing your children to develop relationships with other adults widens their group of 'safe' people whom they can confide in if they have a problem, if your kids are too shy or scared to talk to a parent they need other options!
6. You and your kids get breaks from one another - a good chance to reset and reconsider any parenting issues.

I encourage you to take these opportunities for your children when they come up :)

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